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HAH! I went to the bookstore today assuming I`ll get the new releases for this month. And I've bought three today, Monkey High, NANA and Bokura Ga Ita. For someone who is jobless, I seem to have tons of money. LOOOOL. But yea honestly I needed to make some sacrifices cuz minumum $100 a month for manga will definitely not save me from going bankrupt. Anyways some I needed to give up collecting for a while are Lovely Complex, Koukou Debut, Love Attack and S.A T_____T Those were indeed hard decisions. Since I've finished them all online except Love Attack, I`ll just comeback from collectiong those when I get a job. Then again, I've read NANA too but it's like my first love. <3 That's really something I can NEVER give up. First love never dies. LOL

So yea. I've bought Monkey High Vol 7 and OH MY GOD! this manga is such a TEASE. I just fall in love with it every chapter. Masaru is the first kind of guy I have never seen in manga that I've read. He might not be the hottest guy in whole wide world, not the coolest guy you would ever meet and definitely not the smartest and most perfect in the whole universe but his imperfection is the reason why you`ll like it him so much. I would actually want him as a boyfriend.  Buuuut nah~ I`ll just give him to Haruna instead. It's like he was born for Haruna. He's filling in whatever Haruna doesn't have. a true definition of " the other half/significant other". This volume will let you prove that Haruna really needs Masaru and nothing else. It's like without Masaru, she's nothing despite of her being so "perfect". She can hurt  Masaru's feelings/dreams just because she's scared of living a world without him. It's really sad yet you're ending up empathizing with her. She's been really lonely and lifeless before meeting Masaru. This volume really showed you that.

Bokura Ga Ita VOL 6! ahhh~ Too much drama yet I still keep coming back to this manga. LOL. This volume focuses on Nana questioning Yano about Nana (the ex). If he didn't have the courage to talk about it, then it's over for them. That wass Nana's condition. Honestly Takeuchi is right. It's Nana who's soo obsessed about the dead Nana not Yano. She keeps digging into Yano's past. Although I wouldn't say Yano was something I should pity for. Both of them are just being too hard to themselves. Yano might say over and over that he's in love with Nana but I'm pretty sure if dead Nana was still alive, he would still choose dead Nana over her -_- a sad fact. One of Takeuchi's friend said "Yano won't be sane unless he has someone to protect." Which I second the motion. He seems to have this urge to protect and take care a girl he sees so weak and fragile. COUGH*hismom*COUGH*deadnana*COUGH*nana*COUGH*yuri&COUGH. sigh. I'm pretty sure Yano doesn't love Nana that much yet until they had parted *last episode of the anime* Although we can see some progress how he's slowly opening up to Nana and he really does care for Nana.

NANA VOL 18! My hated volume. LOL. Seriously, this is the chapter when Ren and Nana had a fight and never got back together T____T If only Shin didn't get arrested like auuugh. Oh well. Anyways, I'm soo glad Viz is almost catching up with Japan's release and what I'm being sad about is NANA is once again on hiatus T____________T I love it so much that I wish it would have ended than impatiently waiting for indefinite continuation of the story. T________T

siiiiigh~ and that ends my rants. I was hoping The Bride of the Water God and Goong will be released today too but errr, I didn't see them in stores so I`ll just preorder them online auuuuuuugh if only money problem doesn't get in the way.
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