My Favourite Quotes from the manga

I keep tabs on them ^____^
It just hurt me so much everytime I read this. It reflects you so much of reality -_-

from parfait tic:

Fuuko: "do not mistake pity for love"

from bokura ga ita:
Nanami: "you told me not to betray you but here you go and betray me"
Yano: "betraying someone isn't like that. shall i tell you what it means betray someone? it is when you never treat someone special, tramp all over him, tear him to pieces, and then abandon him. Can't you tell how special you are to me? Can't you tell how hard I'm trying to keep us together? when have i ever betrayed you? When did i ever toss you away?"

from bokura ga ita
Yano: "i`ll forgive you for everything.... so just come back alive"

from bokura ga ita:
Takeuchi: "love is all about timing. if you dont say the right thing at the moment, no matter how much fate is involved in the relationship, everything will be ruined. even if you regret it, it will be too late. "

from NANA:
Hachi: "I have too much pride to fight for someone who hurt me"

from Bokura Ga Ita:
Takeuchi's sister: "If your new love is real, then the love you felt before will fade away naturally"

from Bokura Ga Ita:
Yano: "You're so selfish. You stir up my feelings, grab a hold of them and then you just leave me like that. You're heartless"

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