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Here are the links to download my videos:


Bride of the Water God (My Immortal) -
Parfait Tic (It's Gonna be Love) LOW QUALITY -
Tsumi Ni Nureta Futari (When you're gone) -
NANA (Don't wanna miss a thing) -

Boys Over Flower (Love is Leaving) -
Koizora - Sky of Love (That's Why) -
Lovely Complex (Next To You) -
Proposal Daisakusen (25 Minutes) -
Doremifasolatido (No Air) -
Tazza (Reason):
NANA (Never Too Late) -
Nobuta Wo Produce (Perhaps Love) -
Over the Rainbow (Missing Me) -
SangDoo Let's Go To School (How Can I Not) -
Time Between Dog and Wolf (We are) LOW QUALITY -
Shining Inheritance (Everywhere I go) -
One Litre of Tears (Halo) -
Hana Yori Dango (Lie to me) -
You're Beautiful (One Word) -
You're Beautiful (Only Reminds me of You) -
You're Beautiful (The One I Love) -
You're Beautiful (Just So You Know) -
You're Beautiful (Have You Ever) -
You're Beautiful (Can't Help falling in Love) -
Cinderella Unni (Russian Roulette) -
Smile You (Shiver) -
My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox (Broken Vow) -
Baker King (GoodBye) -
Dream High (Crush) -
49 days (Have you ever) -
The Moon Embraces the Sun (Destiny) -
What's Up (Alone) -
Bokura Ga Ita (Give Your Heart a Break) - !!NEW!!

Mermaid Melody (Say that You love Me) -
Fruits Basket (Before I fall in love) -
Kimi Ga Nozumu Eien (Stars) -
Mermaid Melody (Kaitou's Prayer) -
Honey X Honey Drops (Thank God I Found You) -

Detective Conan:
Because I am a Girl -
Till My Heartaches End -
MOVIE (Can you feel the love tonight) -
If Everyone cared -
Endless Story -

Differences -
Fated Roomates -
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Such cute music videos!! X3 They're really good. :D Thanks for sharing!
Hey what song did you use for yamaki’s fated roomate?