Cheese in the Trap

This drama was very controversial during its run. I have read the webtoon before the drama aired, and I was obviously shipping Seol and Jung. I thought their relationship seemed interesting yet one hot mess because of the misunderstandings that continue to build up the more their feelings get involved and deeper. I was expecting the same exact thing the moment I decided to watch the drama. However, somewhere a long the way, I was caught off guard and slowly falling in love with the wrong ship. ACK!

Here is Baek In Ho who always wears his heart on his sleeve. To be really honest, he is the most developed character in this series despite being a side character, and I think that is probably why I was unconsciously shifting to the other camp (In Ho's camp) and secretly rooting for his character. We first saw him as a messed up boy with no direction in life then became someone who pursued his dream despite the struggles that came with it.

Seol and In Ho's chemistry in this drama was just totally different from the webtoon. In the webtoon, you could tell right away that Seol and In Ho were a big no no right off the bat. In the drama, however, Seol and In Ho grew together, learning from each other, and became very, very comfortable with each other. Seol was more of herself around In Ho. With Jung, I feel like Seol was tiptoeing around him, carefully watching her actions around him. Her feelings were genuine for him, yes, but there was definitely something missing. I got to see more of a carefree Seol with In Ho - she laughed and played in the rain with him, discussed their worry together. She was happy and comfortable with him. Like everytime they were together, I keep forgetting that "oh right, she has a boyfriend."

So you see, it was very hard to come to a full decision to totally go down with this sinking ship. A lot of Cheese in the Trap fans were furious about how this drama turned out because it totally made Jung a psycho and didn't really go into depth of his character. He was the most interesting character in this series, yet his growth fell flat compared to how much In Ho was developed and carefully crafted.

However, I overall, I didn't think it was the most traumatizing drama I have seen - I have seen worse, seriously. And yes, I can't say this drama was bad when I fully fell in love with In Ho and Seol's dynamic. Even though the ending left me feeling unsatisfied, I've got enough adorable InHo-Seol scenes to remember from time to time.

I thought this song was perfect for In Ho and his feelings for HS.
Anyways, Enjoy! hopefully you`ll like it. ;)
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