Healer Blu Ray~~~

WHOA! I can't believe I had never had the chance to post this. It felt like forever when I waited for this to come. Healer was the drama I was crazy about last year. I`m glad to have the chance to own this drama physically and this Blu Ray package was just heaven! So many goodies that came with it. It was totally worth the 400 something bucks that I paid for!

^This Blu Ray package was just beyond beautiful. It's heavy and looking sooooo pretty.

^These are the discs. 13 discs in total!

^Photobook. Ji Chang Wook is such a hottie.

^Original script!

^Posters. I wish there was an option to roll them in a tube. I HATE CREASES ON MY POSTERS T___T

^signed cards

^heheh. I got Park Bong Soo's Someday ID!

^more special edition discs!


Because of how awesome this blu ray quality is, I wish that my future kdrama collections would be in Blu Ray format. Seriously, the quality is just heaven...................... Patiently waiting till my Reply 1988 Blu Ray package comes. I hope it is as awsome, if not better!
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