Reply 1988 OST Album Director's Edition

This is Reply 1988 OST Album Director's Edition. AND I LOVED IT! From the CD Case to the content of this special edition is just sooo great. I love how Koreans pack their albums. Period.

^The poster is small though.

^The case is gorgeous. It's Jung Hwan's TV. LOL.

^This album includes a DVD of Music Videos.

^Photobook. I`m glad this photobook included my most favourite
photo of Duk Seon and Taek - the beach scene. That's my userpic I`m using now.

^This envelop contains TONS of goodies.

^1988's bus ticket

^Space Adventure Card that Jung Bong
gave to Mi Ok

^Cheetos Ticket coupon that Jung Bong scratches for win.
I didn't want to scratch mine and ruin it.
It would have one of the actors' face in it. I`ll forever not know who I got, I guess.

^Jin Joo's paper doll set.
I used to play paper dolls too. Ahhh~

I was supposed to recieved two random paper stands
of 5 Ssangmundong babies. And look who I got!
SUNTAEK!!!!! ^____^ It's meant to be.
Life is good. They beautiful stand on my desk.

I still have one more Reply 1988 goody to come........... THE BLU RAY!!!! T______T
It should come out by end of June. I can't wait to have it and see the contents of that Blu Ray package.
I paid more than 300 bucks for it T___T But I`m sure it's gonna be worth it. No English subs though. Boo.

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