Reply 1988 OST Albums 1 & 2

This drama has kept me up and awake at 3 o' clock in the morning just to watch it live. I've been so obsessed with this drama and I still am to this day. I will talk more in detail, in a separate post (kind of like what I did with Dream High), on how beautiful this drama is. Reply 1997 was great and remains one of my favourite. Reply 1988 has moved up to the top favourite drama list, surpassing my addiction with Reply 1997. It's just amazing. If you haven't watched it, go watch it now! ;)

These are the OST albums that Reply 1988 has released.

^This is the first album. I like the case.

^This is the second album. I didn't really like the case for this one. As you can see
on the top photo, the casing was like an envelope and they glued it
and now look at how unattractive it is when I opened it T___T

One of the many things I like about Reply series is its OST. They were music from the past and it was nice to listen to them and know the kind of songs people used to listen to back in those days My most favourite OST in Reply 1988 is Don't Worry.

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