8jib repack

This is 8jib Repack - Magic.

^The poster is really huge I loved it!
But it's paper-made, rather than the glossy one.


I don't even have words to say. Like, does SM even deserve the hate each and every time they release crappy album case like this?
Really? This is really what we get for SJ's 8th album - 10th year album????????????? There were a lot of controversies when this album was rlease due to the fact that the album cover was just awful. You didn't even need photoshop to make those stupid circles. smh. My poor boys. So much for 10th year anniversary we get treated like shit when it comes to album quality. Songs are good as always!

This is the last Korean album for my Eunhyuk-bb for now T_____T He has now gone off to the army and my heart broke the day we sent him off. I miss him everyday. Can't wait for you to come back.
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