Here is 8jib - Devil. It's another jumpy, cool song from Super Junior. They call this album Special Album for the SJ's 10th. It's has really good content and my text tone is Love at First Sight. Eunhyuk's voice in that song is soooooo dreamy.

^The poster is glossy and really huge I love.

Sigh I don't even have words to describe how much preparation SM put into my boys' 8jib with special tribute to their 10th year. Like really??? This is it? Yet another recycled cd case????? I really don't understand why SM has got so many of this kind of cases and why do they keep using it on any SJ albums. And here I thought things were gonna get better after the quality they have put into Mamacita's CD case.... Well nope.

Other than that, this album makes me prouder than ever. Devil is such a catch song and I`m glad the boys got this song for their 10th year.
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