It's been a loooooooong time since I have updated my page. I know it looks like I have totally abandoned this blog, but nope. Real life has just gotten the best of me and I just didn't have enough time to post updates. I am still purchasing goodies here and there, so I`m gonna flood by blog soon with tons of posts since May 2015. It's sad that I couldn't even post about 10 years of my boys T____T I`ll do that very soon.

As of now, I`m still busy with work (so can't wait till Tax Season is over!), but surprisingly I'm caught up with the hottest dramas in Korea for the past few months. I've seen Reply 1988 (I will try to find time to write an essay of how much I was... am obsessed with this drama), Chesse in the Trap, and right now I`m crazy over Descendants of the Sun. It's sooooo great.

Song Joong Ki is just uber hot. I've been fangirling over him since Innocent Man, I`m so glad he's back in yet another heart wrenching drama. I miss his chemistry with Moon Chae Won so much, but Song Hye Kyo isn't that bad. I guess, my love for Joong Ki and Chae Won has just left such a big impression on me.

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