March-April-May shoujo manga haul

Here are some of the manga pick up for the past month!

Bride of the Water God Vol 17 - What a cliffhanger at the end. Gaaaaah! I can't believe I have to wait 6 months again just to read what's gonna happen. There was a side story after the cliffhanger and it showed the future.  hmmmm. Soah and Mui had kids, but one of them was crying when the emperor found her. She told the emperor that it seemed like Mui doesn't seem to her. The emperor presses on her insecurity more by telling her that Mui is not very fond of her because she looks exactly like her dead mother. GASSSSSP! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???? WHERE IS VOL 18??!!!!

Skip Beat Vol 34 - Oh my! I can't believe it finally happened! Corn has appeared. My heart skipped a beat too seeing him before Kyoko. But despite Kyoko's living in lala land most of the time, the girl ain't something you can easily fool of. That cliffhanger at the end. AUGH!

My Little Monster Vol 7 - Very cute. ^^

Love At Fourteen Vol 2 - And the mature prententious continues on.

He's My Only Vampire Vol 2 - Siiigh Aki wins me over and over again. Why is he so hot? I seriously liked that he always erases Kana's insecurity. That scene with Kana is being envoloped with fire<3.

Goong Vol 18 - T__________T Last volume. Wow I've been waiting all these years to see one of my all time favourite series complete and stacked up beautifully on my shelf. And the day has finally come! I had tears when I reached the final page. It doesn't have the best ending, but it's been tugging on my heartstrings for so long, I've been just so attached to it. To have finally reached the end was... just an accomplishment. Chae Kyung and Shin's relationship was such a roller coaster. It was a fun ride; I'm glad to have read their journey. It might not have ended in the way I imagined it to be (like darn, it should have ended with them having a kid at least! or remarried!), nevertheless it was such a great story. I'm always for convenient marriages that turn into true love. I`m really glad I get to stack Chae Kyung and Shin's wonderful, roller coaster story!
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