2014 Manga Collection

As of Dec 31, 2014, I have 579 manga! woohoo!!!!! And all of them are shoujo!!!! Well Toradora is shounen, but in my heart it is shoujo due to its fluffiness and romance everywhere. xDD click here! to see full list of my collection

And click here! and here! to see what I think of each series.

^Viz Media books

My first purchased manga series was Happy Hustle High.

I first started collecting manga when I was 17 and I am 26 now. So my collection was definitely not an overnight thing. It took years and years for me to stack these babies up on my shelves.

^Yen Press books

During my university years, I would mostly save the allowance my mom would give me for food to buy manga instead. And that was also around the time when I found Super Junior and fell in love with them. So yep, I had to sacrifice a whole lot to soothe my manga and Super Junior addiction. It wasn't easy. Being a fan is definitely an expensive hobby. But always worth it. I mean, I get to wake up to my manga and SJ collection everyday. I am extremely lucky.

^Kodansha books

I have a stable, paying job to feed my obsession. I can afford to support my boys and mangaka legally because I work 10-12 hours in a day. It's very tiring and stressful real life, so I try to relive my stress by reading manga and listen/watch to Super Junior. So I am definitely not rich nor did I come from a rich family. I work hard to get what I want.
^Tokyopop books
I only read shoujo because that is my only interest. I am sucker for romance and all that jazz, so that kind of genre is what I only collect. I don't know, it's just whenever I read compelling stories, I feel like my heart gets squeezed and wring out.

^Seven Seas, H-Project, CMX, Go Comi,
Dark Horse, and Vertical books.

We Were there, NANA, Goong, and Ceres are my all time favourite. Never fails to pull on my heartstrings.

It's been a great year since I completed a lot of series this year and hopefully the upcoming year will bring us more and more shoujo here in North America. There's really not enough, and I seriously have a lot of titles wishing they can be licensed here in North America. And Hopefully they do, someday!
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