Goodies... Goodies.. Goodies...

Some SJ goodies I got just now.

^Super Show 5 in Seoul DVD!
I've been crazy busy with work, but now I can finally watch this during the holidays!
I can't wait! And oh! SM skipped SS5 CD album this time T___T Why?

^Here's what it looks inside and a photo of Eunhyuk in the booklet.
Hot bb o.O

^Kyuhyu recently released a solo mini album.
"At Gwanghwamun" (I copied and pasted the title since I coudn't for the life of me spell it. LOL)
His album case is bigger and is no where near like recycled SM cases.
Honestly, if they can produce this kind of case for a mini album, why can'ttt
they do it for full albums???????

^One of the pictures in the booklet. 2 Kyu photocards.
and the back side of the album.
And I'm super proud of Kyu for topping Melon charts.
Finally SJ did it! xDD

^SS5 Photobook! 2 photobook included: one is for the concert, and the other the BTS
Really great pictures there.
Did I mention Eunhyuk with shades on is hot hot hot??!

Hmmm I wonder if we were gonna have more SJ goodies at year end. So far, I'm now only waiting for 2015 calendar. I missed those days when SM would burn a hole in my pockets for releasing goodies all at once at Christmas. Not that I was complaining.
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