November and December Shoujo Manga Haul.

Ending my 2014 with another series completed and two new series to collect!

He's My Only Vampire Vol 1 - I've been waiting for ages to get my hands on this series and now it's here!!!!! The art never fails to awe me. It's just so beautiful. The story is about Kana running into her childhood friend again after the fire incident that happened when they were kids. She at first mistook him as Eriya, but eventually realized that it was actually his twin brother, Aki. Kana was accidentally run over by a vehicle when she tried to save a kid. She was at the brink of death when Aki sinks his teeth in her neck marking her as his thrall. Kana regains consciousness and learns that Aki is a vampire, and she is now someone who will never die.

Love at Fourteen Vol 1 - Another new series I'm collecting. The story is about 14 year old students who are percieved by their peers as "mature". They look and act mature for their age and that's why others look up to them. What they don't know is that being mature was just on the surface. Deep down they're no where near like that, and they're just like any other 14 year old kids who are bound to experiment whatever lays on their table.

Kimi Ni Todoke Vol 20 - The search for their future career is still on. I really liked this volume cuz I felt like my couple are progressing in their relationship. Shota is now comfortable kissing Sawako here and there and I find that super adorable. Like really, kissing someone you love shouldn't be an awkward thing, but rather a natural thing that just happens. And what's that? Shota and Sawaka are on first name basis now? Oh really? ^__^

Happy Marriage Vol 9 - 2nd last volume T_______T I liked the chapter where they had a kid with them to watch over. It's kind of like seeing Hokuto and Chiwa with their own kid in a not so distant future^^

High School Debut 3-in-1 Vol 4 - Whoo-hoo! the next volume will contain vol 14 and 15 that never got released here in North America.

My Little Monster Vol 5 - I saw a super possesive streak in Haru in this volume. He's scared of losing Shizuku, yet at the same time also afraid to take their relationship a little step further. He fears to commit himself to someone again and be left alone. Time heals everything, I believe. Sooner or later, I'm sure he'll be one taking the first step to Shizuku.

Millennium Snow Vol 4 - Ahhh it's ended. -_____- I didn't really like Vol 3 that much. I felt so disconnected with that volume, so I was kind of worried how Bisco Hatori would end this story that I once thought was beautiful. She did not disappoint. It felt like things were back in the game with this volume and man, I so did not see that scene coming! I jawdropped when I flipped through those pages. It was wonderfully done and I'm glad Toya had finally accepted that he needed Chiyuki.. forever. I seriously wish this series was longer. It felt a bit quite rushed though towards the climax and how it was resolved. It could have been expanded and explained more, in my opinion.
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