Jumping on the Skip Beat bandwagon!

I didn't get the hype before around Skip Beat. I read few pages and gave up on it a long time ago. When I posted a picture of my shoujo manga collection, somebody asked me why I didn't have Skip Beat in my collection, and told me I had no idea what I was missing out on. She was right.

I can't believe all these years I've been missing out on how beautiful of a series Skip Beat is. The plot gets better the further I read, and now I can't stop myself from reading more. I am glad I bought all the volumes in one go, so I could marathon it. Like wow, what have I seriously been doing all this time skipping Skip Beat?? Really.

The story is about Kyoko who leaves her hometown in Kyoto and moves to Tokyo to support the man she's literally willing to give up everything, even her life for. To Kyoko, childhood friend/famous Japanese singer, Sho was everything. He is the man of her life. She sees nothing wrong in Sho. He is perfect. He is god. She likes and hates anything that Sho likes and hates. She lives for him. That has been her purpose in life for 16 years. Until one day she comes and visits Sho in the studio and hears him talking shit about her. She overhears how Sho talks and looks down on her when she is not around. Much worse, he actually has a woman around her to screw with. Kyoko snaps and all those pent up feelings she's had all her life has started coming out of her and swears to Sho that he will definitely regret the day he tossed her away and treated her like a useless human being. And that was the very last time she let the feeling of love overwhelmed her. She swears to herself she's never gonna open that pandora box again that had love in it. Ever again.

What I enjoyed alot about Skip Beat was that I got to see Kyoko grow from this person who didn't have a dream for herself to someone who now has a mind of her own. With 33 volumes out so far, I'm glad I got to see her do her baby steps in finding who she really is and what is she capable of. What started out as something she'd only do as a revenge, became something she now treasures and sees importance of. Acting. The showbiz world. Ren's presence in Kyoko's life has definitely helped her in what she is today. He gives her genuine advice that she seriously reflects on. And this is what I like about Kyoko the most. When she likes something, she becomes very passionate, putting all her heart and effort into it. If there was one thing I didn't want Kyoko to change of is that passion she has to get serious on something that deems important to her. She swears up and down that she doesn't want to open that pandora box she had tightly sealed, but Ren slowly creeps up around the corners of her heart, giving little jabs on it, breaking the wall she has worked so hard to build around her.

TBH, although I ship Kyoko and Ren, my heart somehow gets swayed towards Sho. He is a jerk, yes, in the beginning, but in a way, Sho has been pampered by Kyoko all this time. He took that for granted and saw her as someone who would just follow him wherever and whenever he would float his boat. He didn't know what he lost until he really lost her. And now that her interest has shifted to another guy, worse is it was to a guy he's been having inferiority complex with, his feelings for Kyoko are shaken and he slowly realizes now is probably the time to take back what supposed to be is "his". I liked how he thought it excited him that Kyoko sees him as a great opponent to beat because that means Kyoko's field of vision is only him, and so he'll take advantage of that. But of course we all know how her field of vision is getting wider and wider, and slowly shifting to someone else. Gaaaah~ I am seriously in love with Skip Beat! 
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