Late September - October Shoujo Manga Haul

These are my recent shoujo manga pick ups~!

Goong Vol 16 - siiiiiiiiigh definitely my most favourite volume ever!!!! It's soo beautiful and there are just so many things happening, as always in Goong, in one volume. Soooo the book is already smoking on the first few pages. They finally did the deed! xDD Mind you, it was beautiful. I really like Park So Hee's art. She draws Shin and Chae Kyung perfectly. And that beautiful precious moment of them suddenly falls into pieces when Chae Kyung runs into a car accident. It was awful. Shin's face was heartbreaking as he was looking at the woman he loves so much, bedridden, unconscious, and  has scars all over her body. He almost threw up at the thought that he could have lost her in that instant. It's really sweet though how this accident tigthens their relationship more. They're so into each other... I can't. I have no words to what this series does to me.

Bride of the Water God Vol 16 - Apprently the series has now ended at 23rd volume! Wow I didn't even know this was ending. Man, I can't wait till this series is complete on my shelf! 7 more books to go!!! woohoo. That could mean 3-4 years of wait T___T Anyways there's not much major progress I could comment on about this volume. Mui still feels miserable that he turns back being a child whenever Soah is around, and that he can't find a way to tell Soah about it because he knows she will blame herself which will then eventually leads to unnecessry drama. So he opted out. Goddess of destruction, aka Mui's mother, comes down to Earth in pursuit of Soah's life. She reminds me a whole lot of Goong's Shin's queen mother who will do anything for her family even breaking apart the woman's life who her son loves so much and would even sacrifice his life for her.

Missions of Love Vol 9 - So the issue with Yukina's kindergarten's sensei is resolved in this book. He does not particularly likes her because of her face, which obviously became a trauma for her all her life. Rather, he does not like the way she looks at people, scaring them around. It reminds him of his childhood years and he wants to change that for her so she won't be hated. It's funny too that he put band aid on all the spots on Yukina's body that had Shigure's hickeys LOL. Shigure has to seriously stop teasing Yukina like that. I can't take it. So much feels.

Happy Marriage Vol 8 - Hokuto and his father finally meet. Though it had a weird, awkward atmosphere, but there was definitely no hostile feelings between them anymore. Now that Hokuto has someone he cares deeply about and is happy, those feelings of hating for just about anything succumb to much a more important feeling he has now. Love. Still, he is definitely one of the workaholic shoujo/josei men I've known. Like really, falling asleep in your bathroom????? Hokuto, just go to bed. You're making your wifey worry!

My Little Monster Vol 4 - Well, Haru and Shizuku's quest to finding love is still on. I like that even though Shizuku tells him she likes him a lot, school is still a number one priority for her. Haru is going nuts at the thought that Shizuku and Yamaken are spending lots of good time together at cram school while he's not there, and so he asks....... rather, demands Shizuku to quit cram school if she likes him. LOLOL Sorry cutiepie. It aint gonna work on Shizuku. You don't test her feelings for you like that. Ever. =P It's funny too that Yamaken pokes fun at Haru about it. These two.
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