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I was on a manhwa spree a couple of weeks ago because I read Goong at one ago for 42309509534445 times, and as usual the feelings that manhwa bring me is just.... indescribable. After I finished re-reading Goong, I looked around for more slice-of-life manhwa. YenPress is the only one I know who sell manhwa series (Dark Horse only has Bride of the Water God). It was a pain looking for these series as most of them are out of stock from Indigo (mostly Sugarholic volumes), and so I have to use Abebooks again to look for volumes which is my least preference to buy books from since it takes forever to get the stuff to me. Anyways! I finally got them complete!

Very Very Sweet! -  This was from the creators of Chocolat. I've come across this series because I was editing the first page thread of the series for a forum I moderate. I've read alot of great reviews for this series and decided to buy everything at once because I knew the authors humour. And it did not disappoint! It was hilarious.

The story is about a Japanese boy with Korean decent who is sent to Korea by his grandfather to discover his roots since his grandfather tells him he is wasting his life away in Japan anyway. There he meets, Be-Ri, who happens to be his neighbour and they obviously have started off the wrong foot. Tsuyoshi has already had bad impressions of Koreans even before he got there and it didn't help that Be-Ri has met all those Korean stereotypes in his mind. Nevertheless, it is only Be-Ri who can understand Tsuyoshi's accent. This and that happened and yknow what happens, right? xDD They're slowly understanding each other as time goes by.

What I think of the series: First volume and I'm already rolling on the floor laughing (HAHAH I had to type it all out ) I still think Chocolat ranks up higher than this manhwa in my list, but still quite close. Tsuyoshi's broken English... err I mean Korean, is really hilarious. It's cute how even though his Korean is very limited, his meaning still get across to Be-Ri. I mean most of the time, that is.

There was this super hilarious scene where Tsuyoshi said to Be-Ri. "Daisuki!" - a word in Japanese that translates to "I love you" and pronounced as "Dai-ski". But what did cutie Be-Ri hear instead??? What's that? She heard "Ee-saekki" - a word in Korean that translates to "this f***er" and pronounced as "ii-seki". LOLOLOLOLOL  How can seriously 2 almost similar words have completely different meaning! OMMMMGG. I couldn't stop laughing reading that part. LOL Definitely must read.

Sugarholic - Now this was one of those series that I bought on a whimp because I was just craving for more manhwa to read. Well, I did read the first chapter online first just to see if I were going to like it or not, and first chapter was already yet another ROFL. The story is about Jae-Gyu who moved to Seoul because her grandmother sent her away to be independent (hmmmm Very Very Sweet, anyone?") Anyways, there she runs into Whie-Hwan when his car happens to drive over her 500 won (5 cents). She doesn't have enough money to begin with and so she starts on whining, wailing, and crying over her 500 won because Whie-Hwan doesn't want to move his car. She even ends up ripping his shirt. LOOL! He eventually gives in, picks up the coin he really did run over, only to find out it was 100 won (penny worth!) LOOOL. Honestly, things just got rockier for them since then.

What I think of the series: It was good. Really funny especially the first volume and how they just randomly run into each other and part at really really weird situation. But I feel like when they got together, it was too fast I didn't even see their feelings grow for each other. They're adorable together alright, but I just wish it justifies more what made them fall in love for each other. One day they are. like, at each other's throat and the next thing, Whie-Hwan hugs her tights because he is worried. hmmmm. Anyways still a good read.
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