This is Donghae and Eunhyuk's 3rd Japanese Single Album. It was released in early August, but as usual shipping takes forever. I waited quite longer for my poster to come (YesAsia ships the album and poster separately). I was so worried it might got lost because complaining is moot point when the item is limited edition. You can complain anytime, however you want, but the fact that you will never get that poster because they ran out of stock still remains.

I got DVD+CD, CD, and ELF-Japan Version, as usual. I will never pass up the opportunity to purchase ELF-Japan stuff again. heh

Though I have to admit, I am embarassed to listen to this song -_______- The beat is good, it's reminds me of Motocycle a lot where it's just wild and crazy, but I wish my boys know what they're singing about. If it's awkward to sing "Baby, I want to see you naked" in Korean, it's most likely awkward to sing it in any language as well too  -_____- I'm glad Mamacita doesn't have obcene lyrics like that. LOL.

I actually got 2 posters, from getting CD and DVD+CD, but they're the same.
Unlike previous releases before where posters are different for versions.

^DVD+CD Version. Front. Inside. Back.
YAY! got Eunhyuk Photocard.

^ELF-Japan Version. Front. Inside. Back.
That skeleton looks really creepy to me.
No additional pictures in the booklet. Just lyrics. BOO!

^CD Version. Front. Inside. Back.
For some reason, the boys look different in this album, especially Donghae.
Prolly because of his hair? Or how he slouches?
And no included pictures as well in the booklet.

IS MY 7JIB ON THE WAY YET? T___________________T
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