July + August + September Manga Releases

Haven't kept up to date with my manga pick up for past 3 months. Two of my favourite series, Dawn of the Arcana and Midnight Secretary, have run their course this month. I'm a bit sad seeing them done since I enjoyed reading every single volume, but glad at the same time I have them complete and are now sitting pretty on my shelf.

Dawn of the Arcana Vol 13 - I feel like this gem is very underrated. The first chapter had already caught my interest and always wished this was licensed, and that I could get my hands on this. When it finally did get licensed, I feel like there isn't much fuzz and buzz going on for this manga than it deserved. The art is so beautiful and I am always a sucker for convenient marriages. I liked how Ceasar didn't beat around the bush and admitted straight away that he liked this princess he was married to whom he despised at first. Their love story reminds me of Goong a lot and Goong is like, y'know, my weakness. I just weep, get my heart tugged, raced, squeezed whenever I read Goong. Vol 13 had me crying buckets. I honestly didn't see the twist coming; it had taken me by surprise, but I've taken a few moments to recollect all events in this series after I finished reading, and I was left thinking, "Right, this is why this and that happened, and this is why the hair colour didn't make sense, so that is why it was like that." All those little hints here and there I have never noticed before made a whole lot of sense at the end. They were too subtle to notice, but they were there all this time. Gaaah~ I wish there were more stories of Ceasar and Nakaba. I wouldn't have minded short stories at the end to tell what went on after that adorable ending. It would have been nice to have a sneak peak of Ceasar and Nakaba's peaceful married life. I will certainly miss you two! You were awesome. Your love for each other was so strong, it never wavered even when you had to marry someone else somewhere along the way. The love never faded, and I swear I just cried seeing it was a HEA for you two. I am glad this series is mine to keep and I`ll definitely read it over and over again.

Midnight Secretary Vol 6 & 7 - Siiiiiigh another great series ended. I am seriously in love at how Kaya is very rational and passionate at the same time for Kyohei, and that Kyohei reciprocates that. When Kyouhei is banished from the clan, Kaya tells herself and to everyone that it isn't only her fault that he was outcast. They made a choice together and so they carry the burden of that choice equally. She knows it won't do any good to Kyouhei if she mulls things over because they already both chose love over following what the vampire clan had in store for them. They are such strong characters. Their bond and attraction is even much stronger. And oh my gosh, can I love Kyohei more? When Kaya had a pregnancy scare, even though he had his body on full alert at the thought he could have gotten her pregnant, he still protected her and the baby. My heart melted to him when he said to her, "You can't carry heavy stuff, and no more bumping into anyone either." He didn't like the idea of her carrying his child, but he was still on full support of her. Unlike some manga I know who would even stoop low as to ask his own woman to abort the baby. *cough*BLACKBIRD*cough* Honestly, you slept with a person, and it's with someone who you love so much. You know there is a chance to get pregnant, so man up, have some balls, and support your woman all the way. Don't ask ever her to abort it when you participated in conceiving that child. SMH.

And I shall not forget to mention the extra story at the end about Marika and her butler! OMG that is soooo adorable. She never understood Kyohei's obesession with human, and now she's getting a taste of it first hand. Haha. Wow, I always believe in Karma. What goes around comes back around :)) And I'm happy to see that she gets her own happy ending too!

Happy Marriage Vol 7 - 3 more books and this series is done too. Oh my! This book focuses more about Hokuto's relationship with his father and how Chiwa cannot seem to grasp his unwillingness to reconcile with his father. I liked how when they are still unable to meet at the end, Chiwa says she still likes him even if she doesn't understand why he is being stubborn, so they've got to stop fighting. I was like awwwww, see, this is how marriage should be, compromise. Nothing ever good happens when both camps push their opinions on each other when it obviously is not gonna work. Try to meet halfway; don't give up just because you don't fully understand each other. Compromise.

And exes were brought up too in this book, and again it's adorable how they solve all these marriage problems.

I wish all manga releases are released during the first week of the month. ~_~ Goong and My Little Monster latest volumes aren't gonna be in this post because they are to be released by the end of September. Siiiiiigh I am seriously Goong deprived. I've read the series at one go again just this week and..... siiiigh..... I need my dosage.
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