Finally got this series! I've always wanted to own Mars; it's one of those classic shoujo I wanted to stack on my shelf. These came in their manga sleeves which is super awesome. They have obviously been well protected in their previous home before. The special volume, A Horse Without Name, which I have never read before, isn't included in the picture as the seller said she'd ship it separately. Mars is probably the darkest series I've read, which I'm really not quite fond of, yet something about it always keep me drawn to it. It's most likely because of Rei and Kira. They're both broken as individuals, yet so perfectly well fit when together. If the manga focused more on repairing their inner dark selves, I would have found this series boring and dull. But because they fix each other, end up falling more for each other the more they self-recuperate, I keep coming back to this series.

I think this now ends my obsession with owning Out of Print books. Mars is the only series I've read in the past that I wanted to own physically. And I'm glad this obsession with OOP is done because it's just insane how much I pay for pristine books, and mind you, they're hard to come by. Now I'm basically just buying series that are still on publish, and hopefully in the future I`ll pick up new more series.
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