(TL-DR - Links are in the bottom of this page!) This is going to make me sound so anal... but hey that's what I what I am! But recently, I was re-reading my old manga and noticed how even the ones I bought from bookstores have started to have yellow-ish colour in pages. I mean, the pages of the ones I got from eBay turning yellow were understandable, since God knows how these sellers handled manga. But the ones I purchased myself from bookstores?!!!!!! Why would they turn yellow when I owned and took care of them since the moment they were taken from bookstores!

I looked at my We Were There books, and I just about cried when I saw the top part was yellowing. My bookcase is no where near the sunlight that comes into my room (it stands in the corner of my room; no UV light could possibly emit through there), yet the white pages still started to change colour. Since I have recently reached a number of over 500 manga, I decided it's about time I invest on how to take care of them properly.

I've been googling around, researching on ways to preserve my manga in near-mint condition (yellowish colour, bent, creases on my books/pages are the biggest pet peeves I have as a collector), and so what I found on google are these manga sleeves. They're fit perfectly the size of regular manga (meaning manhwa and omnibuses are lost cause -_-). I had to place an order for these from my local store since apparently they don't carry these anymore. Obviously I`m the only anal manga collector in my city! :P Anyways each of these has a hundred bags for 5 bucks (really not a bad price in exchange for longer wear of manga). I had to order more since like I mentioned, I just passed 500 books. I think it's around 514, give or take. These do not have adhesive on flaps unlike the ones I got for free with Marmalade Boy books. Nevertheless, I just tape the flap down with scotch tape.

I like these sleeves actually. It not only prevents the pages from yellowing (those that are still white), but also from corner bends and those worn-edges that are easily damaged when you stack manga on two/three levels. I do that since I've run out of room. Let's not forget about dusts that love to sit in your collection. LIKE EWWWW. It's very disheartening to see my SJ stuff collecting dust.

Moreover, my manga looks so shiny once placed in the bag. I`m not sure if the picture gives justice to how prettier FY Vol 1 has become after I put on its sleeve :)

These are the books from first layer of my shelf. It was so much work taking all out, putting sleeves on each of them, but hey in the long run, it will definitely be rewarding~!

Links to where I bought mine: [UPDATED: 10.13.17 - I have replaced my manga sleeves into better quality ones and quite satisfied with it!)

: I only own Shoujo manga and these sizes are guaranteed to fit shoujo manga. However, I think, I`m not sure, but shounen manga have thicker pages? So I`m not sure if shounen manga would fit the bill, but definitely Shoujo manga!

Regular size: (SKU: smgn558734 =5-5/8 x 7-3/4") These bags are perfect fit for typical shoujo manga. There's not a lot of room for manga to wiggle around in the sleeve.
Sample Pic of Regular Sized Sleeve:

Manhwa Size: This size fits the regular YenPress/Dark Horse manhwa size except for Chocolat Vol 1 (SKU: smgn638914 = 6-3/8 x 9-1/4")

Sample Pic of Manhwa Size Sleeve:

Viz's 3-in-1 size: This size is a larger fit for a regular manga, but fits perfectly for Viz 3-in-1s (SKU: smgn614812 =
6-1/4 x 8-1/2")

Sample Pic of Viz 3-in-1 Size Sleeve:

Omnibus Size: I have found 2 sizes that would fit this category.
Sample Pic
Sample pic of typical omnibus in this sleeve:

Sample pic of Viz Big in this sleeve:
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