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AND YES IT CAME! I've got the All About Super Junior DVD last week, but this and that happened and I wasn't able to post it up right away. And I know I said I wouldn't use my iPhone5 for camera anymore.... but ahhhh~ Hopefully this will really be the last time I'm using that. Totally not up par with DSLR quality.

^That's what the DVD looks like. Totally gorgeous.
And the one on the left is the back side with descriptions on what were included on each DVD.

^The poster.
Really huge and long. Not as long as one of the posters from 3JIB,
but nevertheless beautiful.

^The contents of the case. 2 DVD set and one folder that consists of SJ pictures

^The 6 disc DVD set. front and back

^Pictures of boys that came with the DVD. woo~

I've only seen 3 out of the 6 discs so far, and they did not disappoint. Got a bit teary when I got to the part where they showed SJ MV behind the scenes from way back 2005. How much they've grown. They've totally cut Hankyung off in any of these BTS, so that was kinda a let down because new fans of SJ would never know that Hankyung was... used to be Super Junior too.

On the bright side, a lot of the questions from why the boys posted this and that on twitter were answered because of this DVD set. Like Eunhyuk, one time, coming out of airport in a Marilyn Monroe outfit and what they bet on that he lost. It was shown on this DVD.

And Sungmin posted a blog about saying how much he loved the members when they held SS4 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Apparently they pulled a prank on him, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun on breaking up. HONESTLY! these boys should stop pulling the breaking up prank. It's not good for the heart and these poor victims. Sungmin ended up having tears in his eyes after finding out it was only a joke. He let out relief of tears. I cried for the poor baby. It's like breaking up is a super sensitive topic for them. It feels like they've been hanging on a thread all this time waiting for that official break up bomb to drop. It pains me to see them being so serious about it. T____T My mind is going wild thinking what might have happened when Kibum and Hankyung had decided to split. The expressions on their faces, their feelings. Those were the things ELF would never know about. Their feelings about breaking up are definitely vulnerable. In the prank as well, Kyuhyun lost it and yelled at Shindong for deciding to quit the group. Like geeezzz.. my boys T____T

I can never ease the pain and fear you boys have about separating indefinitely, but I`ll stand by you all as long as you continue to believe that SJ is one.
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