New series I collect

These are the new series that I'm collecting, and oh boy am I crazy over them!

My Little Monster - The story is about a smart girl who ends up hanging out with the notorious kid in the school. Shizuku only knows how to study, and she excels at that. Haru tends to be misunderstood by how he looks. He comes off as a very distant, scary person who likes to beat up people and always gets caught at a wrong place and at wrong time. The more Shizuku hangs out with Haru the more her perspective in life changes, that maybe school isn't about everything. That maybe, just maybe falling for a guy might not be a bad thing either when in high school!

What I think of the series: Absolutely adorable. Shizuku parallels Hikari Hanazono from S.A. and Mikoto Kujou from Last Game, but what sets her different from these two girls is how she tries to understand the meaning of love and relationship. Hikari and Mikoto have been both, what's the word for it, dense in recognizing their own feelings and their significant others' feelings for them. Shizuku, however, isn't like that. She is aware of her own feelings and she wants to learn and grow from there with Haru.

Missions of Love - Yukina writes a novel. She observes her classmates' lives and writes stories from what she sees. The only one person she has no interest in writing a story about is the school's president Shigure because she finds him boring with that fake smile he displays to everyone. That is until she finds his secret and blackmails him to do missions for him. And those missions aren't no where easy to be performed. Yukina orders Shigure around to do this and do that to her, so she can have ideas for her novel. Things get heated up somewhere along the way and the pretentious, perfect Shigure can no longer just act and pretend around Yukina anymore.

What I think of the series - I've learned about this series because I was watching a video of someone's manga collection on YT and he mentioned how Missions of Love was one of his favourite shoujo series. I looked it up on mangaupdates to see what the story is about and to my surprise, I've had the series marked as "unfinished". Meaning I've read it before and found it very uninteresting and decided to drop it! I gave this one a second chance because that guy on YT really talked about how much he liked Missions of Love, and man, I'm so glad I did. I am so so so obsessed with this one and I immediately ordered all volumes available in one go. Yukina's missions for Shigure get hotter and hotter over time, and this Shigure boy definitely gets all things heated up for her! Gooosh! honestly, where in shoujo world do I ever see someone bites, sinks in his teeth, on a girl's neck when he's not a vampire????!!!! And where in shoujo world do I see ear nibbling?? Earlobe licking??? (I mean I'm talking about normal shoujo romance here, not smut!) I get shivers just from reading Shigure doing all this to Yukina. Stop the teasing already!

Toradora - Ryuuji hated the way he looks. People get scared and stay as far as they can away from him because of his squinty eyes that made him look like someone who always looks for a fight (kind of like Haru from My Little Monster). When he literally bumps into Taiga in the hallway, things have changed 180 degrees for him. Taiga is known at school as palmtop tiger, so small in stature, yet much more violent than any guys out there. Ryuuji and Taiga like each other's friends, and so they team up to help each other hook up with their friends. This and that happened, and it's obvious that the longer they help each other to find romance, the more they develop feelings for each other instead.

What I think of the series - AUGH. I AM SUCH A SUCKER FOR THIS. Guy and girl help each other to find romance with their own friends, but they end up falling for each other. awwwwwww. This marks my very first shounen manga ever, and I swear it doesn't even feel like I'm reading a shounen manga. Romance is everywhere. So much feels. It sucks though that Japan only releases this series one volume a year. SAY WHAT?! I need more Taiga and Ryuuji in my life!
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