All About Super Junior~

Wow. It's been a while since I've posted Super Junior goodies! The boys haven't really released anything since then, and I was actually surprised when I saw a notification from DVDHeaven about this beau. :)

All About Super Junior DVD Preview is basically a collection of 2 photobooks that is a preview of the DVD SM is set to release afterwards. This will be about SJ's 8 years of history. What I exceptionally liked about this collection is that SM really took effort to please international fans by including English translations in the book! WOOHOO! The DVD, which is currently on the way, has English subs too! Man, I can't wait to watch and understand it! XDD Reminds me of BIC 3 release.


^This is the case of the photobooks.
The left side is the front and the right is the back.

^The two photobooks. Left = front; Right = back.

The one with the pictures of boys is their solo pics with lots of flowers in the background. hehe my SJ/F4 boys
The plain blue one, I would guess, is caps taken from the DVD itself.

^Sample pics :)
Hehe I'd definitely pick my Eun over flowers! xDD

^This one is the best thing in the package.

This lists all SJ's achievements
since November 2005. It's really beautiful to look at this brochure

packed with SJ's awards and memorable dates, all sides of paper.


I just about cry seeing both sides of this paper was filled with their achievements.
I'm so so so proud of them. They always make the years I follow them religiously all worth it.

All the highs and lows of this fandom make Super Junior and ELF stronger than ever.

Leader is out of army. I smell comeback anytime soon!
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