June Manga Releases~

And they came~!

I was feeling so bad today, and guess what lightened me up? These babies~<3 Honestly, what a way to escape real world even for an hour or so~ sigh

Millennium Snow Vol 3: After waiting for almost a decade for Bisco Hatori for this, I can't believe I finally have Book 3 in my hand! I've read this manga so long ago; I wasn't prepared to read the new volume again. I've forgotten what the story is about. I know I used to be so crazy about this even with 2 books released. There are only 2 chapters in this book, which was kind of a let down (just a little bit) and the chapters weren't really, what's the word for it, moving, meaningful, heart-racing. I expected after a decade of hiatus, there would have been character developments, but these chapters only dealt with unusual events at school. I didn't really see much interaction between Toya and Chiyuki. I remember the reason I fell in love with this series was because of their chemistry. I didn't see it here in this book. Next book is the last volume O.O I know, I know. I expect there will be more character developments in the fourth book, given it's last. It sounds like it will be a big big jump and rush though from where book 3 was left off.

Happy Marriage?! Vol 6: I especially liked the last chapter. Oh, how much Hokuto has grown. When he heard about Chiwa collapsing at work right in the middle of his meeting, he stopped cold and jumped up his seat. I mean, this is Hokuto we are talking about. He is workaholic. He only thinks about running his own empire! And What did he do? What did he do?! He rushed to see Chiwa to the hospital. EEEEPPPPS!!! Even wifey knows how important Hokuto's meetings are to him to the point she was too worried she caused him commotion for passing out. The importance of work is starting to slip down the rank and Chiwa is moving up there in Hokuto's list of priority. Love does this to you; making you do the impossible things. But seriously, my heart ached for Chiwa when she said to her ex-boyfriend that he shouldn't have called Hokuto. It would inconvenience him. She knows it herself and she supports him all the way through. But as we all witnessed in this book, it isn't like that anymore with Hokuto. Things are definitely changing, in a good way.

Kimi Ni Todoke Vol 19: Oh my goodness! How time flies. I can't believe this book talks about these kids heading to college. It's been that long already since I fell in love with Kimi Ni Todoke? Was it not long ago when Sawako entered first year high and started to have high respect and idolize Shota? Was it not long ago when Shota first met Sawako and fell for her at first sight? Really? They're talking about what they're going to do after high school? So much has happened in 19 books, that's for sure. I blinked and there they were, all grown up, starting to make adult decisions. Chizu and Ryu are annoyingly adorable! hahaha I seriously cracked up when Chizu wrote in her post-high school plan that she wanted to own a ramen shop. OMG! She clearly doesn't want to part with Ryu. She`ll stick with him forever and ever, and it's definitely not because she likes Ryu as a friend. Hurry up and realize it Ryu. And I'm sorry I have to say this: Ayane and Kento are a bad pair. I don't dig it. What are the odds that Ayane and Pin might hook up? -_- And oooh what's up with that thing at end with Shota and his father?! :O

Goong Vol 15: So many things have happened in one book! The more kissing scenes Shin and Chae Gyung share, the more I become a happy fan girl! It's sad that the next release doesn't come out till late September. It's going to be interesting with how this book ended. And Yul, just go away. I already loathe you enough. Just let me enjoy more cuddling scenes. My favourite scene: When Shin proposed to Chae Gyung. KYAAAAAH~ The first marriage was a forced: no rings, no promises of forever, nothing. But this time, he did good! It shows you how much Shin is in love with Chae Gyung. His hand was shaking as he extended his hand to Chae Gyung with the ring in it. He used to be so egoistic. Now, he's doing all these things that people do when in love.
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