April + May Manga Releases

I seriously love it when Canada Post delivers stuff to me in less than a week. I always hate the feeling of waiting, yet here I am, endlessly purchasing stuff online. It's fate. To always go to the opposing direction of my comfort. Goong isn't out yet till end of May, so I`ll have to include it in my June pick up~

Dawn of the Arcana Vol 12. I feel like I haven't expressed enough how much I seriously love this series. I kept reading it over and over again and I end up loving it more. This volumes marks the reunion of Nakaba and Caesar after being away for so long and after being married to someone else. I like how Caesar is so transparent of his feelings and is never shy to express his love for Nakaba. I kind of tear up too when they saw each other again by the stream. Also, it's nice that Caesar is in the loop with the whole Arcana thing. All this time, I feel bad for him that he's the only one who doesn't know a thing. And oooooooh, another favourite scene was when Loki asked Nakaba if she wanted to take a look of what's going to happen in the battle. Nakaba says she's doesn't want to because she is afraid of the outcome. Caesar interrupts and says she doesn't need to because he will bring her a future full of hope and kindness. Awwwww! With Caesar around, Nakaba doesn't need to be super human. He loves her unconditionally; powerful or not... red hair or not<333333

Happy Marriage?! Vol 5. Wow we're half way through the series! How time flies. This book shows how Hokuto and Chiwa become closer both physically and emotionally.

Midnight Secretary Vol 5. My favourite book of the series. This is the book where Kyohei openly admits his love for Kaya. It's a very rare and new feeling for Kyohei given the fact that he's a proud vampire, yet he is willing to change for Kaya. Oh what love can do to you. I think Kyohei admitting his love for Kaya happens after Kaya expressed her thoughts with his mother. When his mother comes for a visit, she expresses her worry towards Kyohei, and how she feels bad that he isn't human like his brother. Kaya steps in and thinks otherwise. Kyohei as a vampire adds up to what he is as a being. He is what he is, and he is proud of what he is. I think Kyohei is surprised to hear this from Kaya and realizes it doesn't matter if she is human. She is what she is, and he is in love with her. Also liked the part where Marika said to Kyohei, Kaya would accept him even if he is an alien or a monster.

Bride Of The Water God Vol 15. It is a shame that this series only gets released twice a year. By the time it's due for another release, I'd forgotten where I was left off and end up being confused all over again. I had the time to reread the series in one go before placing this book on order, and I still loved it! It was overwhelming getting to know all the characters in the story, and mind you there are alot, but reading them in one go helps! And I totally recommend this method to those struggling to find your love back on the series you once did. I learned more about Habaek and Soah as I reread their story, and I just can't wait till all these obstacles between them is over. This book deals about Habaek's decision on giving up being a God and becoming a human for Soah. In exchange, he is unable to get to his true form back around Soah. The real bride of water god also appears and happens to be the sister of Soah's ex-fiance! How twisted. Now that the real bride knows about how good looking Mui is, she wants him back. LOL. Sorry guurl, it ain't work that way. My favourite scene in this book is when Mui tells Soah she shouldn't have let them call him Mui. Since it is his given name before he became a god, only she is allowed to call him that. It's a privilege only Soah is allowed. Adorable.

High School Debut 3-in-1 Vol 2. I have yet to read it since it's three books in one. But I'm pretty sure it'll be full of Haruna and Yoh's sweetness.

Strobe Edge Vol 10. Last Volume. I always get mixed feelings whenever a series I like ends. I'm happy because I finally get to see its ending (especially if its HEA) and it is complete, beautifully stacked, on my shelf. I'm sad because I wish there were more. It's the same case with Strobe Edge. It left me a huge smile on my face to finally see Ninako and Ren together, yet somehow sad I didn't get to see more of their dates and kissing. ~_^ My favourite part has got to be the bonus chapter where Ren says he tries to act cool around Ninako, but his heart beats so crazy around her, and it overwhelms him. It's nice to know it isn't just Ninako who gets all flustered around someone she likes; the feeling is mutual. I'd like to end my post with my favourite quote from this book by Ninako: "I live in a world where the person I love loves me back. I didn't know the world could be such a magical place."
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