Rock your motorcycle... buckle on the highway~

I've been caught up with a lot of real world stuff and I was unable to post a few pictures of what I recently got. Here is Donghae and Eunhyuk's first Japanese album. They released this album along with Japan Concert Tour.


^This is the DVD+CD Version.
Looks pretty cool with the included carton case.

^Photocard + Sample of brochure included.

^The CD Only Version

^Donghae Photocard + Sample Pic from Brochure

^ELF Japan DVD+CD Version

^Donghae Photocard + Sample pic from Brochure

siigh I`ll never gonna get Eunhyuk photocard, won't I?

Leader is going to be released from the army in 2 months!!!!! How time flies.
And that also means comeback is coming very very very soon~<3
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