manga shopping lists

Well I was just at my favourite manga store and bought alot of stuff I missed in October - November. Still my money wasnt enough to get me up to date. LOL.

Tennen Pearl Pink (Vol 1 - Vol 4) - I just started to take a liking into this manga. It's really good. Although I was abit expecting more about the ending but definitely cute.

Goong (Vol 1 -3) - This, I didn't see one coming. I mean I knew it was liscened but to think that there were actually 3 volumes released now? LIKE WOW. im surprised. Goong is alot expensive than ordinary manga. Err, I mean this would be my first manhwa book so maybe all manhwas are expensive no? One book was USD$10.99 and I live in Canada so it'd be around 11 something. sigh sigh sigh. Total ripped off. The size of the book is actually bigger and I like the quality of the paper. Maybe that's the reason why it's more expensive?

Ultimate Venus ( Vol 3) - GAAAAAH! Im ecstatic to read it. I'm loving every single page. Tenshi Ja Nai might have bore me but this really caught my attention. As much as I like Yuzu to end up with Kagami, Iyo might not be a bad choice either. LOOOOOOL. and wtf's with the fiance. eewww.

We we there ( Vol 1) - KDSFSKDKSHKAHKDHSKDJHAK! Bokura ga ita! It's already here!!!!!! I've been waiting for this for such a long long time. It's finally out. Cant wait till January for book 2!

And Here's my Xmas Manga Shopping list which I failed to purchase up to yet:

[1] NANA Vol 13.
[2] SA Vol 8
[3] Saruyama Vol 4
[4] Koukou Debut Vol 6

[5] Penguin Revolution (Vol 1-6) I'm unsure whether vol 6 has been released yet but I recently read this one online and I enjoyed every single of it so I'm purchasing this manga~~~
[6] Lovely Complex Vol 1-4 (I think I now have the money to collect LC too)

That is just my Manga shopping list... my entire wishlist for xmas is waaay too long. i wonder how I'll be able to manage my money. This is why december is always my busiest month.. ahhhhh~
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In the U.S. Gung has only 3 volumes out? I didn't know that. Well I was buying this manhwa, I really liked it but now with the events in the story I don't like it anymore and I already stopped to buy it at volume 12 (I'm from Italy and here this month will be released volume 13). I'm really disappointed with this manhwa since I originally liked it. T^T anyway I'm a little disappointed that Gung is really expensive in your country! O.o

Koukou Debut *___* I really love this manga! It's licensed here too and we already have volume 10 (this month volume 11 will be out). I'm really scared to read the ending though... *scared* will it have a good ending? or I will throw the whole volumes like some other manga? *hopes not*

Lovely Complex <3 yep I do like it so much. another manga licensed in Italy too. we've arrived at volume 14 or 15 maybe? can't really remember now ^^;

Bokura Ga Ita... another manga I buyed and then stopped at only volume 4! I read some spoiler of the next volumes and simply didn't like it anymore -___-

sadly Ultimate Venus it's not licensed TT___TT and Penguin Revolution is licensed but I can't buy it (too many series I'm buying) ç___ç
wow you live in an awesome country. i wish North America has produced that much of manga so that i wouldn't have to wait for such a long time. Italy has goong vol 13 and yet here in North America, the 4th volume will just be released in March 2009. Auuuugh~~~ too long to wait.


and you're almost done with Koukou debut? how lucky.
when Lovely Complex was released, i held back myself from purchasing it cuz i have too much manga to buy already and i was quite surprised when i saw that there's actually 9 volumes releases already. im like "hmmm. i better start collecting LC now" LOOOL.

awwww. you gave up on BGI? well, i really fell in love with the anime and i'm currently enjoying vol 8-12 so i decided to support it. too bad its on hiatus right now. auuuugh.

Ultimate Venus is awesome. I swear. its really recommended. there's something about the chemistry between the main girl and her bodyguard that makes me so hooked up.

Ive regretted the fact that I didn't bother giving a try Penguin Revolution. It just sounded weird to me. but after reading its first chapter, I'm totally hooked up. It's not everyday we have a heroine who is really strong and very independent and so this manga has a very brave and mature heroine so I wouldn't mind spending bucks on this ^____^

and awww, you're right. I'm loving every single manga that has ever liscened so I'm totally poor every month. i spent more than CAD$100 on manga alone. and i dont work so i dont know how am i still living up to now. LOOOOL.