Shoujo Manga Update: March Releases

I usually buy manga bi-monthly since releases are bi-monthly and there are only a few series that I catch up to. Indigo has $25 free shipping, so I save shipping fee when I buy in bulk. But since four of the manga series I collect was released this month, two of them were final volumes, I decided to purchase them right away.

Strobe Edge Vol 9: Yet another series coming to an end :( I wish there were more slice-of-life shoujo series
licensed. Some of my current top picks to be licensed are Cat Street, Parfait Tic, Last Game, Kanojo Wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru, and Bokura Wa Itsumo. It would be nice to have them up on my shelf. Anyways! back to Strobe Edge, this was the book where Ren finally had the balls to man up and confess to Ninako his feelings. I thought it was adorable that he was being impatient to see her and tell her how he really feels. And that scene at the end! Wow! Go for it Ren! I support!

Midnight Secretary Vol 4: Our egoistic vampire slowly falling over heels for a "mere" human. He's in pain; she's in pain. Oh love.

Black Bird Vol 18: Wow this series has finally ended. I have honestly lost my interest in Black Bird. It used to be awesome. Misao was awesome. She was so strong until this and that happened and all she ever did every single page was weep and weep and weep. Don't even get me started with that abortion issue. I wanted to like this manga, I really did, but each and every release lost my enthusiasm more. It was HEA but it didn't leave me finish and satisfied. In my mind, this series had been finished eons ago. Oh wells, then again, I apparently didn't loathe this series enough to make me stop from purchasing it soooooooo yep onto my shelf it is. (Note: I've never sold any of my books no matter how much I hated it. I just stopped purchasing the ones I really really loathed. So yep Black Bird is a series I will have for the rest of my life-_-)

Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Vol 12: Yuu Watase has done it again; completely mesmerized me with her works. Genbu Kaiden was no exception. Such beautiful ending. I had tears in my eyes. Regardless of the tragic ending I knew this series would have, it still didn't prepare me from seeing the actual ending with my own eyes. Takiko is such a strong and selfless woman. A rarity in shoujo world; she will always be remembered. I'm also glad that Uruki lived on to see the wonders in Bei Ja that Takiko selflessly sacrificed herself for. He protected the country with all his might and made it flourish. Takiko must be really proud of him. I am! The last scene left a very wide smile on my face.

And I can't wait for Byakko Gaiden!!! I've always been smitten by Suzuno and Tatara's timeless love, and it'd be nice to have the complete arc of Fushigi Yugi on my shelf. Hope Yuu Watase starts on it very soon!
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