SS5 JAPAN DVD!!!!!!!

It's hereeeeeeeeeeee!!!! SS5 JAPAN DVD!
This package had Tokyo and Osaka concerts in it, and I'd say this DVD will hold a special place in my heart since this was when I was literally SO CLOSE... YET SO FREAKING FAR from SJ. SS5 Tokyo was held a day after I left Tokyo and went back home :( Yep, I still regret it even to this day. The wound reopens every time I see or hear SS5 Tokyo and it takes a great amount of time and effort to heal again.


Lovely DVD Case! I swear. Japanese ELF are special and obviously are the favourites of SM/Avex or whoever handles SJ's album releases. Geezzz look at how gorgeous they pack Japanese albums and yeah, let's not forget the customized lightsticks they do every SJ concert in Japan.

^Package contains 2 DVD cases (Tokyo + Osaka concerts)
and a mini photobook.

^Inside peek and on the right is the back side of DVDs.

^sample page of mini photobook

^Back side of the case

I haven't watched the DVDs yet, again I'm so caught up with tons of stuff to do.~_~ But I look forward to be heartbroken again watching SS5, LOL, and be ecstatic to see Osaka concert since Hee is there! xDD

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