Manga Update!

So like I've said before, I`ll add manga updates here on LJ now.

These are the recent volumes I've purchased for this month, and I'm pretty much up to date with collecting manga.

Paradise Kiss Omnibus Ver 1-3: I didn't know Vertical had released new versions of Paradise Kiss (Tokyopop first released it before they went under). I saw a pic of someone's manga collections and she talked about how she had ParaKiss's omnibus version, I was like whuuuut? So I went over indigo, looked up ParaKiss, and there they were. 3 omnibus released by Vertical, and the cover pictures were lovely. Must get! This manga made me remember why I fell in love with Ai Yazawa. And I'm not just talking about my huge passion for NANA, but it's just her work is purely incredible, no matter what. I loved all the ones I've read so far, and even though I didn't like the ending of this manga, I still thought it was beautiful. And I gotta give Yazawa two hands down by having one of the best arts I've ever seen. This manga really proved you how much of a talented person she is, story and art wise. Now if only someone could licensed Gokinjo Monogatari too.

Devil and Her Love Song 13: Final book! I remember how I fell so much in love with the first book. It was different and I adored Maria. I think the excessive bullying at school and the story behind Maria's past somehow killed the fun I used to have for this series. Nevertheless, I still think Shin and Maria are cute together, and I'm glad to have this series on my shelf!

Kimi Ni Todoke 18: Not much happened in this vol except that misunderstandings between Sawako and Shouta are pretty much cleared up. They sat down, had a nice coffee and talked everything out. Good. I'm looking forward now to how they're going to grow from this.  Ayane and Kent are going out. Errrr, I don't know. I thought Kent was cute at the beginning, but I somehow felt like he and Ayane aren't really good together. Oh wells. Another cute couple slowly blooming is Ryu and Chizu. I liked how she's really slowly figuring her feelings for Ryu. That maybe, just maybe he's too more than a friend, more than a brother :)

Happy Marriage?! 4: This book was shrink wrapped. You know what it means /perv snicker.

Midnight Secretary 3: Reading this series again, officially this time, made me remember how much I liked Midnight Secretary. It's fast faced yet you don't feel like everything is rushed. I liked how Kaya defies all what makes sense to Kyouhei. It's love<3

Goong 14: Some of my favourite parts in Goong is in this book. Chae Gyung sees Yul's true colours and asks him how he could stomach seeing her suffering all this time knowing he caused it. Love can be really a scary thing, really. Another one is when Shin found out about it as well and swore he'd never let Chae Gyung go ever again. Awwwwwwww. When his father said sorry to him, Shin said it should be Chae Gyung he should be asking for forgiveness after going through what she clearly didn't deserve. I love Shin. I love how Chae Gyung changed him and that he had grown into more human. <3

Strobe Edge 8: Sigh what can I say. When Ren's got his feelings all figured out, it's Ninako this time who's having problems dealing with it. Oh love.

High School Debut 3-in-1 Ver 1: heheh purchased the 3-in-1 version too! Can't wait for the last one where it included vol 14 and 15! There's apparently still 2 more volumes to go after it apparently "ended". Looking forward to see Yoh and Haruna post-highschool.

Love Attack 1: Like I've mentioned before, I was surprised I didn't have vol 1 & 2, so bought them. Vol 2 is still on the way.

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