Take you all the way Blue World~!

I wanted to post all the stuff I got before Christmas, but shipping took longer than expected since it was Christmas season, and by the time the season was over, I was swamped with things to do and totally forgot about updating LJ on SJ stuff :(

It really sucks how life outside computer gets in the way. Anyways without further ado, here's my first post on some of the stuff I got around Christmas: Super Junior's new Japanese Single, Blue World

This single album especially excited me since it was the first one since Heechul came back from the army. Yay!



The posters that came with it totally surprised me. I was shocked when I got an email from YesAsia saying the second batch of Blue World purchase, which contained posters, had been shipped. I was like, "whut?" Also, these posters are big, and thank you so much YesAsia for not folding my poster. So beautiful.

^CD Only version. I got Sungmin card:)

^CD+DVD Version. I got Kangin card

^ELF Japan Version. I got Kangin card again.

What seriously are the odds that I'd get Eunhyuk's.

In my entire life as a fan girl, I have never. :P

When I first heard the song, I'd admit I wasn't a fan. I thought it had a weird sound to it. It reminded me of Opera; it used to be my least favourite SJ song, but now I like it alot and would often find myself searching for Opera on my iPod and play it while on the train home. It's the  same case with Blue World. I especially like the part with "Oh~ Oh~ Oh~" and the part where Kanging strut forward, kind of like a U dance.

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