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So here's the manga I'm currently obsessing over. MUST READ.


Yanagi Naoto is the typical shoujo bishounen: rich, smart, athletic, all girls swoon over him, excels at everything. He's very proud of what he does and the glory it brings to him. That is until someone beats him at being the best at everything, the new student Kujou Mikoto. Naoto's competitive streak has gone beyond and above (though he keeps losing every time) yet Mikoto couldn't care less. She just wants to get over school, so she doesn't burden her mom. One day as he contemplates on how to win against Mikoto, he hears people talking about whoever confesses their feelings first loses. He changes his strategies and becomes closer to Mikoto, show her his good nature, make her fall in love with him, then dump her afterwards. This game goes on and 10 years later, they are now in college, Naoto still hasn't made any progress with this game of his! HAHAHAHHA! So hilarious.

He chases her all through elementary, middle school, high school, and college, and all those times he has fallen in love with her more. Everyone could see how transparent his feelings are for Mikoto, but not to her. Now he challenges Mikoto for one last game. Will she win this time too?


I can't express how much I've fallen in love with this manga! It's very similar to S.A. only this time the girl is smarter than the guy. I love how Mikoto is taking her baby steps, one at a time, in recognizing her feelings for Naoto. And man I just love Naoto! He's soooo patient with Mikoto (10 years of loving her, and still in friend zone, just wow). just extremely adorable. I also like how this manga is mostly from Naoto's POV.  We rarely see that in shoujo world, so it's nice to read what's going on in a typical perfect bishounen's mind.
Totally recommended. I couldn't stop reading after chapter 1.

This was the scene where I thought "Yep, I'm sold!". It was where Naoto found Mikoto in the library sleeping, keeping her guard down. He was thinking how she look at him in the eye; to hurry up and fall in love with him. The ironic part is this probably was the first time Naoto started to care for Mikoto as more than just a person he wanted to win against. I totally loved how he grabbed her braid and put it on his mouth. cuuuuute!

GAAAAAH!!! I want this series to be licensed! I seriously would love to put this beautiful series on my shelf! Viz (Shojo Beat), please pick this series up!
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