SS4 Seoul DVD

Yay!!! I've finally got to own it! This is SS4 Seoul DVD, and it was just released this month after this concert was held for more than a year.
I had tears in my eyes from watching Our Love performance. Although I've seen similar performance from SS4 Japan DVD, but seeing clips of boys from way back their debut, to their first win, to the recent success made me heart go weak and cried tears of happiness for them. How much they went through in almost 8 years since Super Junior was born. I'm always proud of my boys. It was never an easy road, but they always came out strong, standing tall before fans.


^This was the original case

^Then you slide sideways to open the DVD case.

^DVD Case and mini photobook

^What's on the inside.

There are 2 DVDs


^back view

Is it really selfish of me to wish that they release SS5 DVD now????? I watched
SS5 Tokyo that was shown on FujiTV a few weeks ago, and darn, I seriously want to own that Hero! It was perfectly performed!
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