Manga I've collected over the years~_^

Sooooo a total of 291 manga I've owned so far! Sadly one can never have enough manga.

To see all the books I currently own, click the link under "Links" tab on the left.

I`ll take picture of my manga collection sometime in the future. I still have quite a few manga in my bucket list that need to be ticked off, so I'm not taking a pic until I purchased them all! LOL. In the meantime, I`ll update my virtual bookshelf quite often just to keep tabs on stuff.

What I hope to own:

Sand Chronicle 1 - 10
Strobe Edge 1 - 6
Midnight Secretary 1
Happy Marriage 1
Sailor Moon Box Set 1 - 12
Sailor Moon Short Story 1
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden 1 - 11
Imadoki 1 - 5
Absolute Boyfriend 1 - 6
Millenium Snow 1 - 2
Marmalade Boy 1 - 8
Kodocha 1 - 10
The Earl and the Fairy 1 - 4

~Who says money doesn't make the world revolve????? I.NEED.MONEY.SO.FREAKING.BAD

On the Way

Boys Over Flowers 1 -36 + Jewelry Box (EEPSSS!!! excited)

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