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I'm suppper bored. I mean i'm not supposed to be bored since school works have gotten out of my hand but really, I want more mangas to read -___-. Sadly there aren't releases of the mangas I always look forward to so I decided to lurk around MangaUpdates seach engire again to find some awesome mangas that are still unknown to me. And guess what, I guess I'm not completely drugged by the world of manga yet since I just recently discovered another awesome mangas. LOOOOL.

Tennen Pearl Pink: It's about a boy and a girl who saw each other again after 10 years and the girl kept on mentioning about how this boy from her childhood promised to marry her. LMAO! Not to mention this boy now is in 11th grade and this cuttie pattotie girl is in 8th grade. LMAOx2! pfft. no seriously, i thought it wouldn't work but I find myself completely drawn in and kept asking for more. It's LISCENED! i didnt know that there is this awesome manga in the bookstore. I've added it in my xmas manga shopping list. LOL. i swear, im so broke.
The mangaka is the same as the one from Faster than the Kiss. I always love how he (the mangaka) characterizes his main men characters. I mean, from FTTK, the main guy there knows how to do the household chores, a perfect husband to be with. and with TPP, he created again a perfect boyfriend to be with, with the same type of characteristics. HAHAHA!

The Flower of Evil: This is a taboo manhwa which I'm really not fond of kind of genre. I mean, I don't like stories with family members falling in love with each other type of thing. with the exception of Tsumi Ni Nureta Futari.... and again, I found another series to like that broke another exception of incest story. Well, if you think Tsumi Ni Nureta Futari has pretty dark aura in it, this has alot of darker atmosphere. Main girl has some pretty twisted mind. Do I hate it? No, I'm actually drawn to the fact that she got mental problems and that she's crazy enough to do ill things to get her brother's attention back to her.... I'm being weird..... -___- this manhwa is weird yet I'm hooked up. I saw from MangaUpdates that this will have a tragic ending..... I have the feeling of what kind of tragic ending it is.....
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