so there goes my updates on all the stuff I bought from my last post in Nov 2012 to Aug 2013. whew that was alot!
I thought it would take me forever to actually have the will to finish uploading them one by one. Determination :)

And sorry about the quality of the pictures. I got lazy to get out of my room and get my camera, so I used my phone instead. I didn't think that the quality would be somehow not up par with my camera since iPhone5 has HD shot feature. meh. iPhones seriously have a long way to go when it comes too quality pictures.  I`ll stick to my Canon next time, don't worry :)

I've recently ordered The Super Junior’s Experience Korea Book. Quite excited to get it since it's sort of like Boys in City! wow photobooks coming here and there. I'm one happy fan! :))

So hopefully I could find time to update my blog more often. Not just with SJ stuff, but with manga and romance novels too. I've tried to catch up with my manga fix (killed my pocket~_~), and I would love to share my manga collection one day. If only I had the time in the world....
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