Jun Ki......

sooooooo Jun Ki released another album I didn't know about. LOL. I saw this on dvdheaven, and I was like WHHHHAAAATTT??? HAHAH

I haven't seen any of Jun Ki's drama post-army, and to be honest the story of his dramas didn't really catch my interest. I wish he would do stuff again like Time between Dog and Wolf. I seriously think that was his best drama ever. That drama made me fall in love with him.


^This album, for a mini album, was uber awesome.
Look at the CD case. Gosh, I'd kill
for SJ to get that kind of album. huff.

^This actually reminds me of G-Dragon's album for some reason.

^mini poster with lyrics on them :)
Lyrics was at the back

Back side.

Then again, no drama has caught my interest ever since The Moon Embraces the Sun. I seriously miss old school dramas. Just a few days ago, I decided to watch Dal Ja's Spring. I could watch it for forever and never get tired. Nowadays, recent dramas were like meeeeh.

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