Promise You

So KRY has released a Japanese single album before they left for Japan to have a Winter Concert over there.

I've got DVD, CD and ELF-JAPAN versions. hah! Like I said in my Oppa Oppa ELF-JAPAN version post, I've learnt my lesson, and so whenever they would released ELF-Japan version, I would order it altogether with the other versions. Why waste time and money later when you could have gotten it the moment it's been released! :))



That's the CD+DVD version. This version was actually pretty cool. The front cover was like transparent thingy. I forgot what you called it. But teachers in my old high school used to use that kind of transparent papers for overheads when teaching. That's what they used here to print out cover photos. As well as the stickers that they included here.

This was the CD Version. With the same transparent sticker attached to it.

ELF-JAPAN version.

siiiigh posting this album makes me miss Tokyo and.... Yesung :(

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