Oppa Oppa ELF-Japan Version

Sooooo.... I didn't really want to buy this version of Oppa Oppa since 1) I didn't have the money 2) I was just busy to actually find time to purchase it, ask cousin to get it for me blah blah blah..... But then one day, as I was browsing through the net, I saw this fangirl who posted her SJ collection on her tumblr, and she had Oppa Oppa ELF-Japan Version!!!!!!!! My eyes practically fell out of my eye socket staring at how gorgeous that album was!!! and I was like why the eff did I not have that????? Why the eff did I just say "meh it was just another version"????? I should have that album!!

Yep. I seriously think I'm sick. I have this urge to always make sure I have every single version of SJ album. This disease is very serious. I don't think my family doctor could ever cure me of this disease. Not that I'd want to be cured anyways! bahahahah.



^back side.

Ain't that gorgeous!!!
Since I got this a few months after it was released, it wasn't available on mu-mo anymore. I went to Japan Yahoo Auction to get it again, and cost me more than it would have cost me if I had decided a long time ago to get it while it was still hot in the market =(
Rare items = cost a fortune

Lesson I learnt in getting this album: Never say "it's just another album", and you'll regret it once you see someone owns it, and you don't.

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