SS4 Seoul CD Album

sooo after more than I-seriously-don't-know-how-old-this-event-was, SM has finally decided to release SS4 Seoul CD Album. And it's fureaaaaaking gorgeous! totally a different CD case with 3.... as in 3!!!! 3 CDs in the album. Life couldn't be more awesome than this!

This was one of the CDs I've purchased in Tokyo. I didn't have the time and money to preorder it before... since I was leaving for Tokyo hence saving my money for that..... When I went to Tower Records, they had this! awesome. I wasn't sure at first if it was like yknow how SM is very fond of selling different types of versions per country. But anyways I looked around on the net, and it was pretty much the Korea CD album version.


^that's the mini photobook on the left.

^3 awesome CDs.. goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^back side.

I so can't wait till the DVD gets released. I think I'm gonna get yet another major nosebleed.

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