SS5 + KRY lightsticks

Oh my disease! I just can't stop myself from getting these precious babies. so beautiful....

The latest official lightsticks release since my post about SS4 Tokyo lightsticks were 2 SS5 lightsticks and the one from KRY Japan winter concert. I have yet to download the performance from that concert. For some reason, there was no one seeding that torrent file :(

^SS5 Seoul Lighstick.

^SS5 Tokyo Lightstick.
They've released only one version this time.
Too bad I didn't have a good use of it
when I was actually just on the same soil as SJ's
siiiiiigh I was soooo close yet so far.

^KRY 2012 Winter Concert in Japan.
I know=.=
Lucky to be Japanese, eh?

Can't wait to add more to the collection!!! xDD Okay, my huge fish tank that holds all my lightsticks (I should call it my lightstick tank xP) apparently cannot accommodate more ligthsticks. NOOOOOOOOO. I didn't want to get another tank to put them in. I want them all together in one container ~_~


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