sigh~_~ I've been really busy with stuff to the point I don't really have time to go online, much worse, maintain my blog :( I've received alot of goodies for the past few months but I got tied up with everything and I'm going bonkers ~__~

^these are all the goodies I've got that I never had the time to post up.
Gorgeous gorgeous stuff~
Me is a happy fangirl.


^Sexy Free and Single Japanese Version Japan-ELF edition.
I got Ryeowook photocard! :))


^G-Dragon's new solo album. I haven't listened to any of the songs yet. I've seen

a glimpse of the his MVs and TBH, I'm kinda not liking it~_~

I guess it's just a matter of listening to it over and over again.



^photos included. 

^Hankyung's 2nd photobook. Taken somewhere in Italy. (would love to go there!)

Got it from Dangdang again since no English sites are selling this. ~got it 2months later. LOL

And I hate how somewhere along the way, it got bend and it's forever bend now :( :( :(


^gorgeous pictures!

^poster included in the album.




watching this made me relive my NYC experience.

I am still regretting the fact that I missed SMTOWN Anaheim T___T


^I really really like this DVD box set. so heavy and thick.

^4 DVDs. yum yum.

and last, but definitely not the least....................


^Super Show 4 in Japan DVD set!!!

DROOL DROOL DROOL. I can't believe this is already in the palm of my hand.

Totally gorgeous goodie.


^5 DVDs. 2 CDs are from Osaka Concert, the other 2 are from Tokyo Concert

and the last one is a special/interview part

I've only watch 3 DVDs so far and I say Super Junior far exceeded my expectations yet again. 

Totally just awesome and two of the most beautiful sapphire blue oceans I've seen are

in this DVD. 

Eunhyuk stripping at the Tokyo Concert, /ilostallmyblood.
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