SS4 Photobook

YAY! Finally. SS4 Photobook's release had been pushed back way before and now they finally decided to just let everyone get a hold of it. Oh man. totally gorgeous. I always loved photobooks. I guess since we, fans, aren't getting any Boys in City photobooks, we get SS4 photobooks instead. hmmm... I got this a couple of days ago but I got too busy and photobucket was acting funny so yea.


^Totally huge poster! I love!

I was practically drooling over it when I unrolled the poster.

^The photobook this time is softcover. SS3 photobook was hardcover

with another cover tops but hey, I really like this book.

^back cover.

^LOL. I'm getting agitated again just seeing the words, 
World Tour. SM needs to revisit their dictionary just

to make sure their and my meaning of "world tour" is the same.

This book also totally skipped Tokyo out! I'm like WTF! That's like the most number of audience you had in the entire concert
and you totally left Tokyo out! WHAT IS WRONG IN THIS PICTURE???? grr. rant rant rant

^sample pic. awesome

^postcards included in the book.

So yup there goes my photobook. Avex decided to release SS4 Japan DVD. The special edition one includes both concert from Osaka and Tokyo and has 5 DVDs in it! OMG DROOL DROOL DROOL. I can't wait to have it. I hope the case of the special edition will be as awesome as SMTOWN DVD box set :))
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