yay stuff.

Lovely goodies today!!!! :) got my Sexy Free and Single Japanese Albums, Hankyung 2nd album and Hangkung's first big screen with Barbie Hsu and Wu Chun in My Kingdom


Whoooooa seriously Japanese stuff are just that good!!!!! How could they produce such awesome cases when Korean Versions are like meh. The humongous case is the CD only version. I totally jawdropped at how huge this was. So freaking gorgeous. Look at the difference between the CD+DVD version case and the CD only version. Just wow. I love!

^Yep. That's that it looks like. Apparently the 10 faces are photocards. If I take them

out of the card, the group picture will be shown but I seriously don't have the heart

to destroy such gorgeous case so... nope I`ll never ever see what's inside there.

^the back view

^CD+DVD version. It's just the normal brittle cd case.

^this version includes some performances at SS4 Japan.

Speaking of.... SS4 Japan DVD is coming out in a month!!!! GASP!

^back view.

^Got Leeteuk and Eunhyuk as photocards.

^Hankyung's 2nd album. As usual, awesome case.

^sneak peak.

^sample picture of the photobook attached with the case.

^back view

So there. I really really liked the packages sent to me this time. Like I mentioned, SS4 Japan DVD is coming out and the special edition includes both Osaka and Tokyo performances. *droooooool* Hopefully the DVD box will be as awesome as the SMTOWN Japan Special Edition DVD Box........
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