The spy that I loved......

So just got my 6jib repack yesterday and siiigh yep, album case is just like any other Super Junior recycled case in white colour this time~_~ I like the songs that were added in this album especially SPY. It's just on my repeat. 

The 6jib album seems like a meeeh promotion to me. Album case and stage promotions wise. I mean look at this. 6jib ver b has the same album jacket as ver a and repack was random animation drawn by whatever artists. The photobook included was random pictures of boys BTS. 

Yet another SM half assed promotions for SJ~_~ 


^That's what's on the inside of the album

^one of the many pictures in the album.
It's a thick photoalbum but yeah, they were all BTS.

^back view.

6jib promotions is ending next week................................... damn it hasn't even been 2 months yet!!!!!!
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