So! New stuff in the mail :)) Super Junior star collection cards and Lee Jun Ki's mini album. I placed an order for these stuff quite a long time ago but the cards kept on having a delayed release hence I just received them now. 

^That's the case of the Super Junior collection cards.
LOL reminds me of Lindor chocolates. I swear, I expected quite bigger 
case than this. The ones I saw on YT were like cut-out carton
of artists. And Super Junior gets this.
box of chocolates cases :-/

^Inside. There were 10 packages 
and since this is a limited edition, I've got 6 cards in each package.
The normal ones only have 5 in them.

^auuugh got too many repeats!

^back side of the case.

^Jun Ki's new mini album!!!!!!! *bliss*
OMG. so gorgeous. This is newly release album

^For 14bucks, I get to own an awesome album. seriously.

^Disc 1 is the songs. Disc 2 is the BTS DVD.

^Oppa is looking so good. hehehe 
I imagine Yesung on this hairstyle. ~_^

^back view
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