HYD Final + Kimi wa Petto

I'm really ecstatic to share the movie and drama I've watched just recently.

Firstly, its Hana Yori Dango Final the Movie.
I swear it was one of the best movies up to date that has ever been produced.
I fell in love with HYD ever since its drama was released.
I've liked Meteor Garden and when I heard about its japanese version, I thought
no one could ever surpass how much spazzz I made with MG
but guess what I ate every single thing I said about the Japanese version after watching
its plot episode. I was so hooked ^___^
then two years later the 2nd season was released and it was far more
beautiful than any dramas out there.
Tsukasa might have been the worst in using Japanese
words/phrases being a Japanese himself
but when it comes to expressing himself to
Tsukushi, he's got the best Japanese words/phrases to say to her.

"I am already sharing my destiny with someone else, and not with you"
(the phrase he said to Shigeru)

He really touched my heart or so everyone else's hearts ^____^
I really love how MastuJun and Mao were perfectly suited each other.
And they've improved so much in terms of acting.
I've loved them even more.
Then comes the movie that would  happily end the HYD series,
The Hana Yori Dango Final.

Tsukushi: Say, Domyouji, what is your dream?
Tsukasa: (...) It already came true.
Tsukushi: Huh?
Tsukasa: 愛してる

LIKE OMFG! okay, the word "愛してる" is not an everyday word in Japan. I mean couples in love don't often use that word. It has
a deeper meaning to it.  That's why I cried when Tsukasa said that.
I'm hoping to be told  of that word by someone too. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
That is like the most romatic word EVER! sniff.

Now let's see how Korean version will capture the hearts of people who fell in love with MG and HYD. 

and Lastly, the drama that I've watched for the second time:

Kimi wa Petto.

I've seen it a few years back when the name MatsuJun didn't actually catch
my attention yet.
After watching it the second time plus recalling HYD, MatsuJun is really
a gifted actor. He can roleplay his character very well.
I't's quite sad how I didn't pay attention to his "great"-ness before ^___^
This is a good drama to those who hasn't seen it yet currently looking to
watch a comedy-love story drama.
and OH! the manga version was waaayy awesome.
It had the one of the best endings ever~~~~
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well i downloaded it to some site with arashi website it in. i forgot the site and did some seaching on the internet if there was an eng sub release (in the thought you needed one).. and it actually does. LOL

so here it is: http://www.mysoju.com/hana-yori-dango-final/

ahh~ yay! im actually glad to find another person sharing some similar interests with me ^__^

ahhhh~ ♥
i finally watched it!
and it's amazing T_____T
love love love them ♥
thank you so much!
I've wanted to see it so badly ever since I heard of it!

poor rui ;( he was my favorite ;(