6jib Ver B~

So! I finally got my 6jib Version B! I liked it given the fact that it's different album case of Ver B for a change but.... I'm sorry but I just have too many rants about it T_____T I get very meticulous when it comes to SJ albums just because.


^front cover

The album has a great case. It's been my ultimate dream for SM to make yet another DVD size SJ album case after 2jib Ver A but it's quite a bit saddening that they didn't really make an effort to take yet another jacket shots like they usually do for every other album. The shots in this album were practically the same as Ver A~

like I could post that on my wall.

My little porn book. LOL. I'm sorry I love the boys and I drool over Eunhyuk but I didn't actually want to own half nekked SJ boys. I'm a very reserved girl. And I don't see the boys that way. I don't really like it when SM exploits the boys this way: half nekked like their album is some sort of a For Her Magazine. When I saw SHINee's recent album covers, the half nekked ones,  I hoped to God that SM wouldn't really turn the boys the same way. I was glad with Ver A but yes, my contentment was short lived. 

I am always never contented with how SM throws SJ at fans. period.

Got Sungmin for a photocard!

So yea..... hopefully there will be a repackaged version. I'm hearing rumours that this album might not have one. Well, I hope rumours were entirely wrong!

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