Opera Single CD~

Sooo! Just like I have mentioned before.... I finally got to own all 9 covers of the super awesome Opera Single Japanese Version CD. It was definitely a mistake on my part that I didn't order them all when YesAsia first put them on preorder. I was only a day late to put my order in and then BAM! all gone in a blink of an eye. So of course gathering them from different sources cost me a fortune once again T____T so SuJu-bbs, you better not ever question my love to all of you. T___T

Thank you so much to my cousin once again and to my lovely friend who made owning all Opera covers possible for me!
 I couldn't thank you both enough.


^So! This is what the albums look like.

Oh seriously so freaking gorgeous!
I wish SM makes more creative albums for SJ. It wouldn't hurt

to decorate them a little bit, yknow.

^The albums put together formed a big puzzle.

^The poster.

Ahhh so big and just plain beautiful.

Have I mentioned that?

^That's protection cover the album came with! :)

^What the album looks like on the inside.

Now.... onto the solo covers.....









I couldn't stop spazzing about this album. Hopefully the
Sexy Free and Single Japanese Single will be as awesome as this as well!

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